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Skill set summary:

  • Business Development / Marketing
    • Strategic and Financial planning
    • Budget preparation and execution
    • Marketing campaigns, email, website, social media
    • Trade show planning and execution
  • Sales Management
    • Sales team building and motivation
    • Pipeline driven CRM systems
    • Incentive plan development and implementation
    • Development of Domestic / International pricing plans



My career history in reverse order from top to bottom………………….

Recommendation From My Last Boss
Paul Baia – President, Datum Timing, Test, and Measurement

  • “Dynamic go getter” is the phrase that comes to mind when
    I think of David. I had the pleasure of knowing David for
    around 5 years during which time he reported directly to
    me as VP Sales and Marketing.
    Above all I was impressed by David’s ability to directly
    contribute to company growth by motivating the sales team,
    and his leadership by example. David would be a true asset
    for any positions requiring dynamic leadership and
    sound business development and comes with my heartfelt
…and from customers of my last company…

  • Quality of the products is excellent, the ordering process is easy, the products are invariably delivered on or ahead of time, and the ptf team is easy to work with. A great company with which to do business.
  • After many years of dealing with ptf we have had great performance, very few problems and excellent support to insure our customers receive the quality of service they expect from us all over Asia. Thumbs up for ptf !